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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] [AUCTeX] files with non-ascii characters and LaTeX as

From: Ikumi Keita
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] [AUCTeX] files with non-ascii characters and LaTeX as in TeXLive 2018
Date: Thu, 24 May 2018 03:12:50 +0900

Hi Jean,

>>>>> jfbu <address@hidden> writes:

> no bothering at all!

>> Perhaps I should give up this particular case (non-ascii file name +
>> preview-latex preamble cache) and commit the patch which fixes other
>> issues.

> surely not!

Thank you!

> What would helped me is to see the exact content of an ini file.

It is designed to be deleted automatically after the format file dump,
so I modified `preview-cache-preamble' temporarily not to delete it.
The content thus obtained is:
\edef\next{{\catcode`\ 9 
\pdfoutput=\the\pdfoutput\relax\the\everyjob}}\everyjob\next\catcode`\ 10 
\let\dump\PREVIEWdump\dump}\fi\input mylatex.ltx \relax

> Then it is intriguing that the comment says

> "mylatex.ltx expects a file name to follow.  Bad."

> and refers to empty file ".tex" but I see mylatex.ltx \relax not mylatex.ltx 
> .tex ??

I don't know well, but the log at the dumping says
(/usr/local/texlive/2018/texmf-dist/tex/latex/tools/.tex File ignored))
so I think it really reads ".tex".

> ----
> about this ".tex" it was missing from TeXLive for a while due to a LaTeX 
> packaging
> error but is since fixed
> ----

Yes, I had updated with tlmgr and restored ".tex" already.

> It might take some time until I can say something about preview's
> mechanism, as I am not even that familiar to its usage. I hope
> David can kick in, that would be so much faster.

I hope so as well.

> I anticipate the role of the format is to catch up some common preamble,

These two paragraphs are quotes from
'C-c C-p C-f'
Preview/Turn preamble cache on
     Dump a pregenerated format file.  For the rest of the session, this
     file is used when running on the same master file.  Use this if you
     know your LaTeX takes a long time to start up, the speedup will be
     most noticeable when generating single or few previews.  If you
     change your preamble, do this again.  preview-latex will try to
     detect the necessity of that automatically when editing changes to
     the preamble are done from within Emacs, but it will not notice if
     the preamble effectively changes because some included file or
     style file is tampered with.
   * Automatically cache preambles

     Currently preview-latex asks you whether you want to cache the
     document preamble (everything before '\begin{document}') before it
     generates previews for a buffer the first time.  Caching the
     preamble will significantly speed up regeneration of previews.  The
     larger your preamble is, the more this will be apparent.  Once a
     preamble is cached, preview-latex will try to keep track of when it
     is changed, and dump a fresh format in that case.  If you
     experience problems with this, or if you want it to happen without
     asking you the first time, you can customize the variable
I hope these help.

> and the file primárias.tex should not be used here.

I think the basic idea is to "embed" the particular document's preamble
in the format file for efficiency, so I suppose that it is essential to
input the document file (primárias.tex here).

> And "\input" "\detokenize{primárias.tex}" should be either

> "\expandafter\input" "\detokenize{primárias.tex}"

> or

> "\input" "{\detokenize{primárias.tex}}"

OK, I'll change the relavant code accordingly.

> PS: I am CCing to auctex-dev but it seems my messages get bounced

Sorry, I misspelled the address in my previous message.  The right
address is "address@hidden", not "address@hidden".

Best regards,
Ikumi Keita

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