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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Unstable behavior in subfile in subdirectory

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Unstable behavior in subfile in subdirectory
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2018 17:44:49 +0100
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>>> "Ikumi" == Ikumi Keita <address@hidden> writes:


I just checked it:

   > I found that preview-latex does not work well in subfile not located in
   > master directory, and propose a fix later in this message.  I'd
   > appreciate if you could give it a try.  Any feedbacks are welcome.

   > [How to confirm]
   > 1. Extract the attached tar file prvbug.tar.gz under /tmp.
   >    The file layout will be:
   >    dir-+-parent.dvi
   >        +-main------+-parent.tex
   >                    +-sub--------child.tex
   >    The presense and location of parent.dvi is obviously odd.  The reason
   >    will be revealed later.  Actually parent.dvi is just an empty file.
   > 2. Be sure to set `TeX-parse-self' to t and open the child.tex by AUCTeX
   >    with preview-latex enabled.
   > 3. Type C-c C-p C-b and answer "y" to `Cache preamble?' question.
   > 4. Then math formula will be displayed as an image as usual.  However,
   >    typing C-c C-l does not open the process output buffer and a message
   >    `No process for this document.' is displayed in echo area.

   >    At this time, two process output buffers have been created actually:
   >    */tmp/dir/main/sub/parent output*
   >    */tmp/dir/main/sub/_region_ output*
   >    Note that the paths in the two buffer names have spurious "sub/".
   >    C-c C-c RET and C-c C-b RET generate the buffers of similar names
   >    with correct paths.  ("sub/" is stripped off.)

   > 5. Next type C-c C-p C-d in "child.tex" buffer.  Then the image is
   >    removed and the "Do not enter" sign appears to the left of the math
   >    formula to indicate error.  Typing C-c C-l again results in `No
   >    process for this document.' message in echo area.

   > 6. Then type C-c C-t C-p to turn off TeX-PDF-mode and type C-c C-p C-d
   >    again.  This time, the expected image appears on the math formula.
   >    Though C-c C-l is still useless, the buffer "*...parent ...*"
   >    records normal activity of relavant tools including pdflatex and
   >    dvips.


   >    However, a strange phenomenon has occured outside emacs.  The odd
   >    file /tmp/dir/parent.dvi was erased and /tmp/dir/main/parent.dvi,
   >    which should have been deleted during a normal run of preview-latex,
   >    was left behind.  In other words, emacs deleted totally irrelavant
   >    file without any confirmation!
   > 7. Quit emacs with C-x C-c and clean the intermediate files and
   >    directories such as parent.log, *.prv.  Launch a new emacs session
   >    and open child.tex again.

   >    Then type C-c C-p C-d and answer "n" to `Cache preamble?' this time.
   >    The expected image does not come out and the "Do not enter" sign
   >    appears again.  Typing C-c C-l is useless.  This shows that caching
   >    is not related essentially in the series of the above strange
   >    behaviors.


   > [Propose of fix]
   >    According to the above diagnosis, I created a fix attached at the
   >    last of this message.  After applying this change locally, all the
   >    above symptoms disappeared.
   >    I'd appreciate if you could review this patch.  Any feedbacks are
   >    welcome.

Ok, I applied that patch to the latest master (I had to delete some text
which seemed not part of the patch). I deleted my old installation and
compiled and installed the new one with your patch enabled.  

The problem you described disappeared, now C-c C-l works



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