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Re: [FR] RefTex support for zref-xr

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: Re: [FR] RefTex support for zref-xr
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2021 09:26:54 +0100
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Gustavo Barros <> writes:

> On Fri, 03 Dec 2021 at 10:40, Arash Esbati <> wrote:
>> Agreed.  I think adding support for zref to RefTeX is a source of
>> trouble.
> That's a pity, but I had to do it.  And I understand, of course.  (I
> may pester you folks about this sometime in the future, though, given
> a project I'm working on, but it is too early for that.)

After thinking about it, I think there is a chance to use RefTeX with
something like this:

     '(("\\zlabel{*]" ?z nil nil nil)))

The labels defined with the macro are accessible with the z typekey.
This is of course not so convenient because one gets all labels in the
RefTeX select buffer and can't narrow after section, figure, etc., but
it is better than nothing.

> That given, my suggestion would be to keep
> `LaTeX-zref-properties-(a?)list' a "flat" list of properties which can
> then be populated presumably basically with the properties of the
> "main" list, but potentially including other ones too, depending on
> need.

Thanks for the explanation, this is what I did.

>> My idea was to have everything basic in zref.el, I think.
> As you see fit.  It'd work just as well, I presume.  It just seemed
> atypical for "zref" to be in `TeX-active-styles' when `zref.sty' is
> never loaded.

I thought the entry point for users is either




All of them load zref-base.sty, but I think we can skip that extra file
zref-base.el and put all the functionality in zref.el.

> No hush at all, in your time.  And if you'd like to discuss any other
> points along the way, I remain at your disposal.

Thanks, here the next incarnation.  Any comments welcome.

Best, Arash

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