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Re: Generic functions for completing-read and TeX-completing-read-multip

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: Re: Generic functions for completing-read and TeX-completing-read-multiple
Date: Fri, 06 May 2022 20:44:13 +0200
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Hi Keita,

Ikumi Keita <> writes:

>>>>>> Arash Esbati <> writes:
>> I think it also makes sense to indicate (cr) or (crm) in the minibuffer
>> prompt like what we currently do with (k=v).
> Those indicators "(cr)" and "(crm)" don't seem suitable to show to
> ordinary end users in my opinion, because they wouldn't be familiar with
> words "completing read (multiple)" and wouldn't find it easy to
> understand what those mean. I hope someone comes up with better
> indicators...

Thanks for your response.  I installed the change.  I also agree with
you reg. the indicators.  We can easily change them once we have a
better solution.

Best, Arash

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