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Re: Silencing byte compiler

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: Re: Silencing byte compiler
Date: Sun, 15 May 2022 21:40:55 +0200
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Hi Keita,

Ikumi Keita <> writes:

>> +(declare-function comint-exec "ext:comint"
>>                    (buffer name command startfile switches))
>> -(declare-function comint-mode
>> -                  nil)
>> +(declare-function comint-mode "ext:comint" nil)
> Shame on me, thanks for catching my bogus code.

You're welcome.  I actually saw that by accident :)

>> +(declare-function LaTeX-counter-list "latex" nil)
>> +(declare-function LaTeX-length-list "latex" nil)
> I think that byte-compiler warns these because it doesn't like usage of
> #' in fboundp like
> (fboundp #'LaTeX-length-list)
> . Isn't it more appropriate to do like the attached patch?

Thanks for your comment, I installed your suggestion.

Best, Arash

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