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Re: [AUCTeX] Install report: Emacs and Windows 98

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Install report: Emacs and Windows 98
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 14:48:11 +0200
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* Harald von Aschen (2005-07-22) writes:

> And now the installation:
> After the first errors, reading I have the same problems as 
> Michael Forster. I can highly recommend his article
> and the steps he has done here are the same I have to do. Thank you, Michael!

What do you mean with "the same problems"?  He did a CVS checkout and
you downloaded a snapshot.  In your case e.g. you don't have to
execute ./  He installed for XEmacs, you installed for
Emacs.  So it is likely that the commands he used are not appropriate
in your case.  So please be more specific what you did and which
errors you got.

Based on this information we might be able to improve the installation
instructions.  I am currently thinking of adding an "In a Nutshell"
section at the start of the installation instructions for Windows.
This should merely include a set of instructions working for 90% of
Windows systems and spare most people a lot of reading.  I just have
to figure out a best-practice layout for the installation.  For
example, `prefix' is not well defined on Windows.  A feasible option
could be to abuse the Emacs directory for this like some people do.

> But the "View" command was still not working. I'm using TeXLive and I do 
> not have xdvi and xpdf. Instead of this I'm using windvi for dvi files and 
> start to open extensions with the associated program in Windows.
> So - and I suppose this is not the suggested way - I have changed the file 
> /site-lisp/auctex/tex.el and there I have replaced every occurence of xdvi 
> with windvi and xpdf with start. After that all is working fine.

Current snapshots (yours is too old) will install a file called
tex-fptex.el.  You can load this with
(require 'tex-fptex)
in the .emacs file and should get better defaults with respect to your
TeX system.


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