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Re: [AUCTeX] Install report: Emacs and Windows 98

From: Harald von Aschen
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Install report: Emacs and Windows 98
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 19:17:05 +0200

At 14:15 22.07.05 +0200, Uwe Siart wrote:
On 22 Jul 2005 at 12:03, Harald von Aschen wrote:

> (b) After having much trouble with AUCTeX 11.55 (I was not able to use
> multifile documents without much handwork)

This may be my fault: In the very first release of my german
installation instructions I intentionally did *not* mention

  (setq TeX-auto-save t)

because users new to AUCTeX often asked haggardly about the purpose of
those /auto directories. Meanwhile I learned that they are absolutely
necessary for proper multifile support and in recent versions of my
tutorial I corrected this.

No, this was surely not your fault. I have looked into the docu and have added this by hand with no success.

And then I have had great troubles with AUCTeX 11.55 because it seems that it doesn't like some of my old *.el files in my auto directories. Nevertheless, for the old files this might be my fault, I should have deleted the *.el files by hand.

And there were several problems: C-c _ was not working in no case, only the command TeX-master-file-ask was (sometimes) working but although TeX-auto-save = t was set closing and opening the file results in loosing again the masterfile. Sometimes I was able to do some LaTeX cycles through my just opened subdocument and then suddenly the next run results in loosing the master file again. And on some files even TeX-master-file-ask does nothing. I was very frustrated and because of having no more time I stopped my efforts in May.

I don't know and I'm very sorry not to have much time to look into it again, but now with the 20050716-a-version it seemed that the problems are fixed and I can open my "old" documents without changing anything.

If anyone really wants I certainly can fetch from my backup the AUCTeX 11.55 version and Emacs version downloaded May this year again and do an installation but if no one else has problems like this it would be a little bit useless.

Best regards, Harald

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