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[AUCTeX] How to insert an option into a cmd string

From: djh
Subject: [AUCTeX] How to insert an option into a cmd string
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 17:30:24 +0900
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Src: auctex 11.81 fine
Built: With "cygwin NT 5.1 1.5.18 July 2005", gcc etc.

Result: This works perfectly when using the emacs I built from
gnu's platform independent code from CVS, emacs  vers.
when ran in cygwin's X-windows.

On my NT-EMACS (not the X-window cygwin version) This is made to use the same code as the cygwin built auctex.

From the NT-emacs, the default view command comes up as:
   xdvi filename.dvi

This wont work as is, but if I manually, add a display parameter, it will invoke xdvi in an x-window just fine. E.g.:

   xdvi -display :0.0 filename.dvi

Of course I have to have an the cygwin's X server running.

Again I want to change the default view command from

change from:
  "xdvi filename.dvi"
  "xdvi -display :0.0 filename.dvi"

I am not on the list, so any responses please make sure to "cc" or "to" me e-mail address.

Thanks for your assistance,
  Darel Henman

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