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[AUCTeX] Question of a font problem.

From: Adam Johnson
Subject: [AUCTeX] Question of a font problem.
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 21:00:48 -0500


I just have a question of font in AUCTeX.  In the following math environment
The font of {med} is normalsize, but it should be scriptsize.
$A_{\mathrm{med}}$ can give a correct result.

However, both methods produce the same output, but the fontface are different. I know that maybe it is difficult to be corrected because in $A_\theta{B}$ (not good writing style, but some use this way.) then ${B}$ should be normalsize.

Is it a better idea to redefine "_" to "_{}" in AUCTeX and place the cursor between "{}" if it is not "\_"?
Similarly to redefine "^" to "^{}" if it is not "\^"?


BTW: I'm using AUCTeX  w/ preview-latex11.81
                        MikTeX 2.4
                        CVS Emacs
                        Windows XP.
Best Regards,

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