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[AUCTeX] Citation completion

From: Chris Mears
Subject: [AUCTeX] Citation completion
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 09:52:59 +1000
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I have a problem with citation completion.  I have a bibliography file,

      author =       {Some Guy},
      title =        {Fancy Title},
      journal =      {Journal of High Regard},
      year =         2000}

and a document 'article.tex':



    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...



Parsing the tex file (with C-c C-n) gives the variable
LaTeX-bibliography-list the value

    (("books") nil)

which seems correct.  However, the variable LaTeX-bibitem-list is nil,
which means that I get no completion for \cite (and \citep etc.)

What have I done wrong?

Chris Mears

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