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RE: [AUCTeX] Re: Any new version of Emacs/AUCTeX bundleforWindowsavailab

From: Adam Johnson
Subject: RE: [AUCTeX] Re: Any new version of Emacs/AUCTeX bundleforWindowsavailable?
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2006 15:07:00 -0500

From: Ralf Angeli <address@hidden>
>> > The current version I am using was provided on June 24, 2006. But the
>> > always crashes (i.e., exits exceptionally). I don't know any specific
>> > reasons.  Other previous versions worked more stably than this one.
>>Are you using the menus?
> I do use the menus. But emacs does not always crash when I am using the > menus. It may crash even when I am not using any menus sometimes. Not sure
> why.

The menus are a very likely cause.  We've had more than one bug report
pointing to them.  Of course we could only be sure if you provided a
backtrace from the crash.  I am not sure if the crash dialog of
Windows provides this kind of information or if you have to run Emacs
under a debugger.

If the cause is in the menus a new version of the bundle won't help,
because this issue hasn't been fixed yet.

You could try not to use the menus for some time and see if this makes
the crashes go away.

Okay, I will try not to use the menus for a while. Just wonder why previous bundles worked better. At least the Emacs did not crash so often.


I found out the crash mainly happens when I bring the Emacs from back to front, i.e., when I switch from some other applications (as web browers, etc.) back to Emacs.


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