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[AUCTeX] Problem with parenthesis interpretation

From: Nicolas FRANCOIS
Subject: [AUCTeX] Problem with parenthesis interpretation
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 17:18:36 +0200


I've got a little problem when I ask AucTeX for a reorganisation of my
text pressing M-q (namely fill-paragraph). It beeps me with this error
message : unbalanced parenthesis at 6092-6122, or something like that.

I checked my source : this is caused by a \right[, for an interval of the
form [2,+oo[, and the parser doesn't seem to accept this with great ease.

For example, while typing this message, I retried, and there is no more
error message, but if I save the code, and then type M-q, I have to
resave it even if nothing was done.

Is it a normal behaviour, or do I have to correct something in my conf
file ?

Thanks you for any help (and sorry for my poor english :-(



                   Nicolas FRANCOIS
 A TRUE Klingon programmer does NOT comment his code

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