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[AUCTeX] A bug to add a pair of braces and more?

From: Adam Johnson
Subject: [AUCTeX] A bug to add a pair of braces and more?
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 17:44:25 -0600


When I first select a region like "abc" forward from 'a' to 'c', and then use C-c C-{, a pair of {} was added around "abc" so it becomes "{abc}". If I select the same region backwards from 'c' to 'a', the same operation produces something like "}abc{", which, in general, is meaningless.

Just a thought, can you please produce any operation to delete a pair of braces, that is to change "{blabla}" to "blabla"? In general, an extra pair of "{}" will not affect anything, but I'd like to keep my document as neat as possible. (that is, without extra things like this in the document.)


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