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[AUCTeX] Problem using the TeX-doc and TeX-insert-macro commands

From: Martin Buchmann
Subject: [AUCTeX] Problem using the TeX-doc and TeX-insert-macro commands
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 10:42:45 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi all,

I am using AucTeX 11.84 on a CVS CarbonEmacs (, OS X 10.4.8) and having
problems using e.g. C-c ? to read some documentation. Whenever I invoke the
command I get "No documentation found" before I even can specify which
documentation I want to read.

I can use the texdoc program from the console or via M-! texdoc without any
problem. While this doesn't bother me much, I just experienced that there is
also a problem if I want to insert a macro like includegraphics, e.g. I type
C-c RET inclduegraphics RET and I get:

byte-code: Searching for program: no such file or directory, kpsewhich

'\includegraphics' is insert in the buffer but nothing more.

Because I had some problems with the permissions of my TeX distribution (gwTeX)
recently, I consider this not as a bug of AucTeX but as soemthing going wrong
with my setup. I think the normal path are setup correctly because C-c C-c is
working fine.

Does anybody know how I can find out what's wrong with my setup? I tried to
understand what the TeX-doc command does, but could understand it so far.

Best regards

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