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[AUCTeX] a possible bug in auctex 11.84

From: Antonio Carlos Siqueira de Lima
Subject: [AUCTeX] a possible bug in auctex 11.84
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 13:21:47 -0200
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Dear All,
I may have found a small bug in auctex 11.84.
I am running a p4 machine, with windows xp 64bits. Let´s say I have a file test.tex, after running latex if I call the view command instead of: dvips zsolo.dvi -o && start I get dvips "zsolo.dvi" -o && "start". The latter command works the problem appears to be when I call gs as
start "" gives me nothing.
In a prior installation of auctex using this type of problem did not occur.
Any thoughts?
Thanks for your time

Antonio Carlos Siqueira de Lima Department of Electrical Engineering Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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