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[AUCTeX] installing emacs+auctex 2007-01-13

From: juan mari alberdi
Subject: [AUCTeX] installing emacs+auctex 2007-01-13
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 14:46:12 +0100
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I've installed the precompiled emacs+auctex latest version on my WindowsXP, and by now it is working fine. It seems that there are new bin files in emacs like emacsclientw.exe but I don't know how to use them; in the mean time I continue using gnuclientw.exe with MiKTeX. The documentation is not 100% OK, for example, in the Emacs main directory there are README files that make mention of an INSTALL file that should be in that same directory, but it is missing.

Then I've downloaded the source of emacs+auctex and after extracted the files, 3 independent foldes are created, each of them independent from the others. The emacs+auctex folder seemed useless. The other two, respectively, contained distributions of emacs and auctex, ready to be installed.

In the emacs-22.0.92 folder I've tried to build the emacs 22 editor with cygwin: configure.bat seemed had run fine. Then make (not gmake) insisted asking for .elc files until arrived at the file loaddefs.elc which is not in my emacs distribution, I mean, loaddefs.el is not in there. What can I do, apart from using the precompiled version?

I hope not have talked too much nonsense, I'm not a programmer at all.

Juan Alberdi

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