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[AUCTeX] Any fast ways to switch between inline and displayed math?

From: Adam Johnson
Subject: [AUCTeX] Any fast ways to switch between inline and displayed math?
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 17:41:04 -0600

I didn't find them in AUCTeX, but it is nice and useful to have such features:

1. Change an inline equation $a*b + c*d$ to a displayed math environment, such as equation/equation*/displaymath/\[...\]/etc? How about using the key, for example, C-c d (or C-u C-c i)?

I know this can be done by inserting an environment, but you need to select the region first and delete the $'s as well.

When I select $a*b + c*d$ and then insert an environment "equation", the \label was inserted after $a*b + c*d$ with a new line as below:
$a*b + c*d$\label{eqn:test}


I prefer it looks like this:
 a*b + c*d

2. Change a displayed math enviroment to an inline equation? How about using the key C-c i (or C-u C-c d)?

This can change
 a*b + c*d
back to $a*b + c*d$ with (all) the \label command(s) removed and if "//" exists, it will also be removed or replaced with some user-defined "delimeter", such as "\quad", ",", "\;", etc.



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