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[AUCTeX] completion and indenting in the manual

From: juan mari alberdi
Subject: [AUCTeX] completion and indenting in the manual
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 13:28:05 +0100
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After the latest email crossfire on completion and indenting, this is what the AUCTeX manual says about them, among other things,

5.2 Completion

Emacs lisp programmers probably know the `lisp-complete-symbol'
command, usually bound to `M-<TAB>'.  Users of the wonderful ispell
mode know and love the `ispell-complete-word' command from that
package.  Similarly, AUCTeX has a `TeX-complete-symbol' command,
usually bound to `M-<TAB>'.  Using `LaTeX-complete-symbol' makes it
easier to type and remember the names of long LaTeX macros.

   In order to use `TeX-complete-symbol', you should write a backslash
and the start of the macro. Typing `M-<TAB>' will now complete as much of the macro, as it unambiguously can. For example, if you type
``\renewc'' and then `M-<TAB>', it will expand to ``\renewcommand''.

 -- Command: TeX-complete-symbol
     (`M-<TAB>')  Complete TeX symbol before point.

But M-<TAB> doesn't work and perhaps it should be changed, for example, with M-C-i.

About indentation,

5.4 Indenting

... (third paragraph)
You can explicitely indent single lines, usually by pressing <TAB>,
or marked regions by calling `indent-region' on it.

<TAB> doesn't work in AUCTeX or perhaps the tab shift in AUCTeX is set to 0 somewhere. Something like `C-u 8 C-M-\' does work, but that is the key for `indent-region' which is pure Emacs. Perhaps in the AUCTeX manual the user should be directed to the Emacs manual for general tabbing.

Juan Alberdi

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