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Re: [AUCTeX] Auctex cannot call LaTeX

From: José Carlos Santos
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Auctex cannot call LaTeX
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 18:51:15 +0100
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On 17-05-2007 19:46, José Carlos Santos wrote:

At one of my machines (Windows XP), I replaced fpTeX by MiKTeX 2.5. Now,
if I open a LaTeX file with Emacs and try to compile  it, I get an
error like:

Running `LaTeX' on `test' with ``latex -interaction=nonstopmode "\input" "test.tex"''
latex: The file system path could not be retrieved.

LaTeX exited abnormally with code 1 at Thu May 17 19:31:20

I have the same problem when I try to preview a .dvi file, but *not*
when I try to preview a .pdf file.

Furthermore, I only have this problem when I work as an ordinary user.
If I work as an administrator, all works well. Besides, the two _emacs
files (the one that corresponds to the administrator and my personal
one) are identical.

I was able to solve the problem. First, I used the machine as another
user (neither my ordinary account nor the administrator's account) and
all went fine. So, it was a specific problem concerning my account. Then
I solved the problem in a rather radical way: I created a new account
for me and copied everything from the old one into the new one. Now
everything works as it should.

One of these days, I will see what is it like to work with a _real_
operating system.

Best regards,

Jose Carlos Santos

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