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[AUCTeX] C-c ` can not work sometimes .

From: waterloo
Subject: [AUCTeX] C-c ` can not work sometimes .
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 11:06:22 +0800

\[ p\cdot \frac{(p-1)!}{k!(p-k)! \]   (lack } of frac)
C-c ` can not work for above code .

I use emacs23 with auctex11.85 in gentoo with texliveDVD2008.
when I push C-c `,  up window of emacs is web2c and below is "Tex help",minibuffer displays: 'search failed:"~l\\."  '.

But for others error such as wrong package name and lacking $ , C-c ` can work: up is wrong latex line and below is error information.

You can put \[ p\cdot \frac{(p-1)!}{k!(p-k)! \]  in your document and try compiling.


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