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[AUCTeX] Usage of Auctex in conjunction with Noweb and Preview

From: Pjotr Kourzanov
Subject: [AUCTeX] Usage of Auctex in conjunction with Noweb and Preview
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 16:09:35 +0100

Dear users and developers of Auctex,

  First of all, thanks a lot for a great tool that gave me a lot of 
pleasant surprises!

  In short, I am trying to use the Preview feature with Emacs 22 in 
conjunction with Noweb (a literate programming system), and I don't get 
any previews in the .nw file. I know the issue has surfaced before in 
the context of statistical software, but the solutions don't appear to
work for me, so I'd like to ask for your advice on these mailing lists.

  The setup is standard: I have test.nw with this the at the end:

%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: "main"
%%% LaTeX-command: "nolatex"
%%% End:

  The Auctex in general just works with this .nw file, when the cursor 
is in a Documentation chunk (some settings are reset when I leave to a 
Code chunk and return back to a Documentation chunk later, as reported 
earlier), including Folding, keyboard binding etc. However, when I 
enable previews for the whole document, they appear only in .nw.tex and 
in main.tex buffers and not in the .nw buffer.

  Noweb processes test.nw and generates test.nw.tex while the main.tex 
does an \include{test.nw} (I have also  tried with \input test.nw), 
relying on LaTeX to automatically append .tex to arrive at test.nw.tex.

  I have tried looking at the preview.el (and tex.el), played around 
a bit by adding .nw to the list of TeX extensions, to no avail. Also, 
I noticed that multi-file support in Auctex triggers on the TeX logfile,
which I have also tried modifying via the "nolatex" wrapper script. 

  In this script, I essentially (1) replace .nw.tex extensions by .nw 
and (2) remove contextual noweb markup from Preview snippet section 
in the log, which usually precedes the preview chunk of TeX. 

  I do see the effect of (1) in Emacs - previews don't appear 
in .nw.tex  buffer anymore, and (2) behaves also as expects - 
both .nw.tex and main.tex buffers show previews. But the .nw buffer is 
still devoid of previews.

  Any ideas are greatly appreciated...


Pjotr Kourzanov

P.S. I don't know if it matters, but I'm using this mode line for Emacs
     in the .nw file: %-*- mode:Noweb; noweb-code-mode:bee-mode -*-
     Bee is a mode for the Bigloo Scheme implementation.

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