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[AUCTeX] Mac OS X install view mode "Evince", not "open"

From: Chris Poole
Subject: [AUCTeX] Mac OS X install view mode "Evince", not "open"
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:46:00 +0100

I have been using a build of AUCTeX from about a year ago or so (not entirely sure what version), with the following in my .emacs structure:

    (setq TeX-output-view-style
          '(("^dvi$" "." "open %o")
            ("^pdf$" "." "open %o")
            ("^html?$" "." "open %o"))

I've just grabbed AUCTeX 11.86, and all works well.

However, `C-c C-c view` gives the command `evince file.pdf`, and it should be `open file.pdf`.

So, it doesn't seem to be listening to TeX-output-view-style any more. Anyone know why?

Or, what variable(s) should I change to make it use `open`?

(I notice on line 1007 of tex.el for example, that there is some commented out code to do this, but I'm not sure what bits to change, or even if I should be changing AUCTeX itself and not just changing a variable.)

Any thoughts on what to do?

Chris Poole

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