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Re: [AUCTeX] RefTeX: citing process

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] RefTeX: citing process
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 19:34:05 +0200

* Frederik (2011-04-04) writes:

> Now it shouldn't be too difficult to make RefTeX not to insert several 
> citing commands but to insert `\footcites' and to append the marked 
> entries in braces, e.g.
> \footcites[foo]{first-marked-entry}[bar]{second-marked-entry}
> (Right now it's \footcite[foo]{first-marked-entry} 
> \footcite[bar]{second-marked-entry} )

AFAICS you can only choose between \cite{a}\cite{b} (inserted with `A')
and \cite{a,b} (inserted with `a').  The syntax you want does not seem
to be very common.

> Ah, and I wonder if it is possible to avoid the standard-regexp when 
> citing with RefTeX:
> After having cited some reference, say with bibtex-key `foo', I want to 
> cite some other references, but I don't remember the exact bibtex-keys. 
> Now, when citing with `C-c [' the default regexp corresponds to the last 
> cited reference `foo'. When I press RET I can just select `foo'. Now I 
> have to visit my bib file, look for the appropriate key `bar1' and 
> insert the beginning of that key in the regexp (after having started the 
> citing process again).
> This is annoying; is there a way to get all my bib-entries in the 
> selection window when I just hit enter?

That would defeat the purpose of the regexp proposal.  Or do you want to
get rid of the feature?  I couldn't find a switch for that.  But in
cases like yours I simply type `.' before <RET> and then get all
entries.  This is probably not too unconvenient.  The doc string of
`reftex-citation' mentions that `=' can be used as well.


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