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[AUCTeX] Feature request: Auto-compiling every ten seconds

From: AW
Subject: [AUCTeX] Feature request: Auto-compiling every ten seconds
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 14:39:21 +0200
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Quite often I'm just writing text, left hand emacs, right hand the pdf-viewer 
showing my page. 

To compile I'm typing C-C C-S C-C C-C (1. save 2. compile). What about an 
auto-compilation-modus, which saves and compiles every ten or 15 seconds? "M-x 
autocompile 15" => every 15 seconds.  

Nowadays most Computers are so fast, it would not disturb whatever running in 
the background. Maybe the module to do that could even stop if the last run 
terminated with an error. 

Just an idea. 

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