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[AUCTeX] adding datestamp to reftex-set-cite-format

From: Karl Voit
Subject: [AUCTeX] adding datestamp to reftex-set-cite-format
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 19:31:29 +0200
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I need a datestamp (for »now«) in a new reftex entry.

»C-c h« should result in such an entry:

,----[ the new entry ]
| * Nakamoto2009 - Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
|   :Custom_ID: Nakamoto2009
|   :CREATED: <2011-06-06 Mon 12:31>
|   :END:
|   [[papers:Nakamoto2009][Nakamoto2009-pdf]] 

I got that far that I can generate this but without the datestamp
after »:CREATED:«:

,----[ current definition ]
| (reftex-set-cite-format
|       '((?b . "[[bib:%l][%l-bib]]")
|         (?n . "[[notes:%l][%l-notes]]")
|         (?p . "[[papers:%l][%l-pdf]]")
|         (?t . "%t")
|         (?h . "* %l - %t\n:PROPERTIES:\n:Created: %U\n:Custom_ID: 

»%U« does not provide anything at all. Adding a command to insert a
timestamp does not work either and results only in a normal reftex
reference (probably being the fallback result when facing

,----[ another test ]
| (?h . (concat "* %l - %t\n:PROPERTIES:\n:Created: "
|    '(lambd() (insert (format-time-string (org-time-stamp-format t t))))
|    "\n:Custom_ID: %l\n:END:\n[[papers:%l][%l-pdf]] [[bib:%l][%l-bib]]") )

Is there a way to enable this timestamp?

Background: I am trying to do reference management with reftex and
org-mode[1] according to the ideas mentioned on [2]. It'd very cool
if I got the »this reference was added on ...« information too.

Karl Voit

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