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[AUCTeX] change default dvi-viewer from yap to windvi

From: Hartwig Crailsheim
Subject: [AUCTeX] change default dvi-viewer from yap to windvi
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2011 11:04:24 +0200


for days now I try to get my Emacs/Auctex/TeXLive-System
to use windvi instead of yap when C-c C-c is invoked.

In all the Emacs -> LaTeX -> Custumize AUCTeX I could not
find the proper configuration settings I could have changed.

The only mentioning of "yap" I found was at
AUCTeX -> TeX Command -> TeX View -> TeX View Program Selection
where as Viewer for output-dvi "yap" is written.
If I try to change this by the Value-Menue only
0 = dvips and start
1 = start
2 = yap
is presented.

Up to now I thought my intuitive way of working with software
is good, but here I really have no clue...

-> Question 1: Any suggestions how to change the default dvi-viewer (C-c C-C -> 
View) from yap to windvi with the help of the AUCTeX custumizations from the 

I also tried:

 '(TeX-view-program-list (quote (("" "windvi"))))


(setq tex-dvi-view-command "C:\Program Files\TeXLive\bin\win32\windvi.exe")

in my "_emacs" (e.g. ".emacs") configuration file.

- Question 2: Any suggestions why this has not helped either?

Thanks in advance and sorry if I have did anything wrong concerning the correct 

yours Hartwig Crailsheim
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