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[AUCTeX] Arguments for custom environments

From: Bill Meahan
Subject: [AUCTeX] Arguments for custom environments
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 12:49:48 -0400
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I have searched and Read TFM thoroughly but I have not found the answer I'm seeking.

I have several custom environments defined in the preamble of my multifile document. AUC-TeX properly finds these and adds them to the list of environments I can insert with C-c C-e

BUT some of these environments have mandatory arguments. AUCTeX properly places the braces for these arguments but leaves point within the environment, neither prompting for the argument value(s) or positioning point within the [first] set of braces so I can type the argument value without several keystrokes to reposition point.

**Other than writing custom style files,** is there any way I can get AUCTeX to either prompt or position point for the argument?

Please note: I am speaking of *environments* not *TeX Macros* which work as expected.

Bill Meahan K8QN

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