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[AUCTeX] Path completion fails: C-c RET \includegraphics

From: Jonas Stein
Subject: [AUCTeX] Path completion fails: C-c RET \includegraphics
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 15:20:28 +0200
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i use emacs 24 with auctex. 
My masterfile "mf.tex" uses a preamble.tex where i define

While editing mf.tex i type 
 C-c RET \includegraphics

to include a picture and want to complete with TAB, 
but auctex seems not know about the graphicspath

Do you have any hints for me? 
If someone is interested in my config, i made it public [1]

Have a nice weekend,


Jonas Stein <address@hidden>

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