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[AUCTeX] auctex 11.87.2 no bounding box error

From: Jiangzhi Chen
Subject: [AUCTeX] auctex 11.87.2 no bounding box error
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 01:04:51 -0800

Hi everyone,

I am using auctex with emacs 24.3. After I upgraded auctex to 11.87.2, I often got the error when I preview the tex file:

Ghostscript filter: No bounding box

After some hunting, I found the root of error to be the length of my tex file name. For example, I have a sample tex file called sample.tex:
\title{This is the title}
\author{Author One \\ Author Two}
\date{29 October 2013}


This is the content of this document.

This is the 2nd paragraph.
Here is an inline formula:
$   V = \frac{4 \pi r^3}{3}  $.
And appearing immediately below
is a displayed formula:
$$  V = \frac{4 \pi r^3}{3}  $$
This file can be previewed correctly. However, if I rename the file to samplesamplesample.tex, previewing the file leads to "no bounding box" error.

I hope this can be fixed very soon.


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