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[AUCTeX] Code-folding for #+TBLFM line possible?

From: Thorsten Grothe
Subject: [AUCTeX] Code-folding for #+TBLFM line possible?
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 08:48:23 +0100
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Dear Auctex-users,

this is my first post to this list, so please be patient with me :-)

I'm using a lot of orgtbl-radio-tables with formulars in my documents and export them later to latex tables, this works very well for documents with a lot of calculations and tables. Is it possible to fold orgtbl code like this:

#+TBLNAME: sec-1
#+ORGTBL: SEND sec-1 orgtbl-to-latex :skip 2 :splice t :hline

I tried to customize "Latex Fold Macro Spec List" but this works only for Latex macros, is there any other way?

Thanks in advance!

Th. Grothe

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