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[AUCTeX] AUCTeX support in lettre

From: Vincent Belaïche
Subject: [AUCTeX] AUCTeX support in lettre
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 23:23:20 +0100

Dear AUCTeX experts,

For your information I intend to add AUCTeX support to package lettre of which 
I am the maintainer.

Here is a preliminary verison, comments/brickbats welcome...

My intention is to add BBDB support, I have seen that this is also in the TODO 
list of AUCTeX for class letter. I think that it would be a good idea if some 
code could be commonalized for all letter supporting classes (the three main 
ones, AFAIK, are letter, lettre, and koma-script). Any idea how to do that ? 
Any suggestion where to start ?



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