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Re: [AUCTeX] Logo for AUCTeX: request for ideas

From: Mandar Mitra
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Logo for AUCTeX: request for ideas
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 00:28:21 +0530

Janusz S. Bien wrote (Wed, Mar 02, 2016 at 11:31:35AM +0100):
> Quote/Cytat - Tamas Papp <address@hidden> (śro, 2 mar 2016, 08:13:33):
> >You are of course right, it would be good to involve the community. I
> >could not resist drafting up a logo myself, in the minimalistic style of
> >the projects you mention above (not that I would be capable of anything
> >that requires more skill). The background is the current AUCTeX webpage
> >color, and the highlighted E is of course for Emacs. Since I don't have
> >a good eye for color or kerning or design or anything related, I attach
> >the source if anyone wants to change it. The font is free and part of
> >TeXLive.
> I like it.


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