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Re: [AUCTeX] [RFC] Do not distribute a package for Windows

From: Mosè Giordano
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] [RFC] Do not distribute a package for Windows
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2017 11:06:45 +0100

Hi Arash,

2017-01-09 10:39 GMT+01:00 Arash Esbati <address@hidden>:
> Mosč Giordano <address@hidden> writes:
>> 2017-01-08 19:49 GMT+01:00 Arash Esbati <address@hidden>:
>>> Before I write some text: If I get it right, one can have
>>> (package-initialize) in his .emacs and then the sentence from "1.3 Quick
>>> Start" does not apply anymore.  Is this correct?
>> One must *not* manually load AUCTeX when it's installed via ELPA, no
>> matter if `package-initialize' is called or not.  Indeed, this is
>> sometimes another source of ambiguity for newcomers.
> Thanks for the clarification.  What do you think about the change
> attached?

Thanks for taking care of this, your changes look good to me.

Side comment.  Since AUCTeX is in GNU ELPA and this repository is
activated by default, the installation procedure could be further
simplified to

    M-x package-install RET auctex RET

However, the current procedure makes sure that the latest version of
the package is grabbed (otherwise one may end up with an old one), so
in the end maybe it's better to stick with current procedure.

Let's hope that this will help people that want to install the package!


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