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[AUCTeX] what is wrong in my call to dvipdfmx with unicode filename?

From: jfbu
Subject: [AUCTeX] what is wrong in my call to dvipdfmx with unicode filename?
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2017 22:34:16 +0100


strangely I did not encounter that problem earlier,
but as a rule I avoid both spaces and non-ascii
letters in file name

I have this in my TeX-command-list

("PDF par dvipdfmx" "dvipdfmx \"%d\"" TeX-run-command nil t :help "Produit le 
pdf par dvipdfmx")


1. I create an éé.tex file, either on the command line or
with C-xC-f in a dired buffer

2. I do latex from AUCTeX, then invoke the above and get
the following error:

Running `PDF par dvipdfmx' on `éé' with ``dvipdfmx "\é\é.dvi"''
\é\é.dvi -> \é\é.pdf

dvipdfmx:fatal: Could not open specified DVI (or XDV) file: \é\é.dvi

Output file removed.

TeX Output exited abnormally with code 1 at Sat Jan 21 22:22:03

If I do M-x describe-char in a dired buffer on the filename, I get

             position: 451 of 2832 (16%), column: 48
            character: e (displayed as e) (codepoint 101, #o145, #x65)
    preferred charset: ascii (ASCII (ISO646 IRV))
code point in charset: 0x65
               script: latin
               syntax: w        which means: word
             category: .:Base, L:Left-to-right (strong), a:ASCII, l:Latin, 
             to input: type "C-x 8 RET 65" or "C-x 8 RET LATIN SMALL LETTER E"
          buffer code: #x65
            file code: #x65 (encoded by coding system utf-8-unix)
              display: composed to form "é" (see below)

Composed with the following character(s) "́" using this font:
  mac-ct:-*-DejaVu Sans Mono-normal-normal-normal-*-18-*-*-*-m-0-iso10646-1
by these glyphs:
  [0 1 0 171 11 0 11 15 1 nil]

Character code properties: customize what to show
  general-category: Ll (Letter, Lowercase)
  decomposition: (101) ('e')

There are text properties here:
  dired-filename       t
  fontified            t
  help-echo            "mouse-2: visit this file in other window"
  mouse-face           highlight


but if  I do M-x describe-char on an é
it in the console output of the dvipdfmx call
I get the non decomposed form

             position: 32 of 242 (13%), column: 31
            character: é (displayed as é) (codepoint 233, #o351, #xe9)
    preferred charset: iso-8859-1 (Latin-1 (ISO/IEC 8859-1))
code point in charset: 0xE9

Calling dvipdfmx éé.dvi from the command line has
no issue

$ dvipdfmx éé.dvi
éé.dvi -> éé.pdf
1635 bytes written

It is important that I am on Mac OS X which uses 

> HFS+ actually uses a variant of NFD (normalization form decomposed)


Thus the é is coded in a decomposed form by the mac os x in the filename.

This seems not to play well with my old set-up:

("PDF par dvipdfmx" "dvipdfmx \"%d\"" TeX-run-command nil t :help "Produit le 
pdf par dvipdfmx")

What is the correct place-holder rather than %d ?

Sorry for a long message with possibly loads of
irrelevant details, but for lack of precise vocabulary,
I could not afford to be more terse,


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