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Re: [AUCTeX] Get Emacs' electric quote mode to work with AUCTeX and BibT

From: gusbrs . 2016
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Get Emacs' electric quote mode to work with AUCTeX and BibTeX mode
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2018 16:23:59 -0200
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Hi all,

For the record, I was able to solve this issue for AUCTeX by debugging my init
file and find a workaround for BibTeX by getting a better grasp of

As to the problems with AUCTeX, the culprit was that I, when moving to
use-package, added the following to my init file:

    (use-package latex
      :ensure auctex
      :mode ("\\.tex\\'" . TeX-latex-mode)

      ... etc ...)

I don't really recall why I've set it to TeX-latex-mode. I've actually
researched quite a lot around to move AUCTeX to use-package, perhaps too much...

The fact is that either:

    (use-package latex
      :ensure auctex
      :mode ("\\.tex\\'" . LaTeX-mode)

      ... etc ...)

or, even simpler:

    (use-package latex
      :ensure auctex
      :defer t

      ... etc ...)

gets the job done and, with a working electric-quote-mode. I don't know why the
problem arose in the first place, but that fixed it.

As to BibTeX-mode, the problem is that electric-quote-mode is designed to work
only in paragraphs, comments and strings, according to the state of,
respectively, electric-quote-paragraph, electric-quote-comment and
electric-quote-string (the first two being t and the third nil, by default).

I don't know what Emacs considers a BibTeX buffer (not even outside an entry,
electric quote works). But, this suggested the following workaround. I can
comment the line of interest with "C-x C-;". With the line commented,
electric-quote then works. I edit the line to my desire, and uncomment it back with "C-x C-;". That's less than optimal, of course, but should be enough for
the eventual case when a title contains quotes within it, which is the only
actual case I can think of where this is needed.

I thank those that gave their attention to the question, even if silently (As it turns out, I didn't give you enough information to reproduce the issue. Sorry
about that). And thank you all for the great software.


On 19/10/2018 19:05, address@hidden wrote:
Hi all,

[Disclaimer: I've asked this question before at TeX.SE
( but, after due wait, I thought it was worth to bring the issue to this list, in the hope anyone else has any
ideas or suggestions on the matter.]

I've grown fond of `electric-quote-mode` in Emacs as a convenient way to get curved quotes in my documents. However, I can't seem to get it to work with
either AUCTeX or BibTeX mode.

I'm aware AUCTeX has it's own support for quote insertion, which is quite
advanced, interacting with babel and so on. But I'm a `csquotes` user and have
in my preamble:

      \MakeAutoQuote*{‘}{’} % innerquotes

Correspondingly, I have in my .emacs (under use-package's :custom):

    (LaTeX-csquotes-open-quote "“")
    (LaTeX-csquotes-close-quote "”")
    (LaTeX-csquotes-quote-after-quote nil)

I also have there:

      '(electric-quote-mode t)

AUCTeX support for quotes works of course, but has some inconveniences in my settings. First, it uses a different keyboard key for inserting quotes (double
quote for AUCTeX and backtick for everything else with electric quote
mode). Second, I can't seem to find a way to insert curved single quotes. Third,
neither alternative works at all in BibTeX mode.

For quite sometime, I thought this problem had to do with something in my
document which got parsed by AUCTeX. Indeed, opening a blank buffer and manually changing to LaTeX-mode gets me a buffer with a working electric quote mode. But, in testing further, I don't think this is the case. Consider the following
minimal document:




If I let AUCTeX parse this document, producing the following `auto/test.el`:

     (lambda ()

And then reopen it, `electric-quote-mode` no longer works (the backtick key
inserts a plain backtick).

One possible source of conflict I considered is the math mode prefix, which is
mapped to the backtick key by default. But I don't usually enable
`LaTeX-math-mode` and even setting `LaTeX-math-abbrev-prefix` to "'" I still
could not get electric quote mode to work.

In checking the keymap to the backtik (C-h k backtick) I see that it is mapped
to `self-insert-command` in both LaTeX-mode and BibTeX-mode.

I'm running Emacs 26.1 with AUCTeX 12.1.1.

Any thoughts on why this happens and how I could get it to work?
I thank you in advance.


PS: I'd also welcome suggestions outside this framework. I might well be looking
at the problem from the wrong perspective.

PPS: I'm not sure this is the proper place to ask about this issue also in BibTeX mode. I suppose it is close enough that someone here might have some ideas on the matter. But, if it's not, I'd appreciate pointers on where would be
more appropriate to ask.

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