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Re: [AUCTeX] Set automatically TeX-PDF-from-DVI variable if documentclas

From: jfbu
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] Set automatically TeX-PDF-from-DVI variable if documentclass receives option dvipdfmx or dvipdfm
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2018 22:29:33 +0100
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Le 10/11/2018 à 22:15, jfbu a écrit :
Hi Keita,

Le 30/10/2018 à 15:38, Ikumi Keita a écrit :
Hi Jean and all,

jfbu <address@hidden> writes:
afaict in case of say \documentclass[dvipdfmx]{article}
the AUCTeX parsing does not set TeX-PDF-from-DVI variable
to "Dvipdfmx". This has to be done by user.

It would be nice to get this done automatically in case
of document class option dvipdfm or dvipdfmx.

Similarly dvips global option should trigger "Dvips"

I at last reached at a state with some spare time and incorporated your
suggestion.  Very sorry for such a late response!

At first I thought it is an easy job of adding similar code around a
bunch of
   (TeX-add-style-hook ... ... LaTeX-dialect)
lines in latex.el, but it turned out that the expected code doesn't
work.  After some survey, I realized that these all lines are not
effective for some years due to the common reason with bug#25563:
I.e., the class options are no longer treated as styles in the sense of

I added some codes to recover the functionality of these lines, so they
just began to work again in the codes in the latest git repository.

Also options to graphicx and/or geometry package could be scanned.

I added these functionality as well.  The option "dvipdfmx" for these
packages now sets `TeX-PDF-from-DVI' to "Dvipdfmx".

Thanks for your useful suggestion.

Sorry for late reply.

I did so far only minimal testing and it works fine with this (example) 

\documentclass[a4paper, french, dvipdfmx]{amsart}
\frenchsetup{PartNameFull=false, og=«, fg=»}

However, my original did not have the \usepackage[dvipdfmx]{graphicx}, i.e.,
it was

\documentclass[a4paper, french, dvipdfmx]{amsart}
\frenchsetup{PartNameFull=false, og=«, fg=»}


and then it does not seem to work, i.e. the class option is not picked up.

I will investigate more when I get time, but wanted to report this in case
you can reproduce it.

Thanks a lot for implementing this, this is very useful to me,

ah sorry for noise.

I had not re-byte compiled my elpa installed auctex
after applying the patch.

It seems to work as expected now,

Thanks a lot!


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