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Re: [AUCTeX] font-locking problem

From: Mandar Mitra
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] font-locking problem
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2019 16:00:44 +0530

Greg Bognar wrote (Sat, Feb 09, 2019 at 11:47:48PM +0100):
> Hi Tassilo,
> So the solution might be something like:
> - Is there a way to tell AUCTeX to load style files for stuff it finds 
> commented
> out?  E.g., when I leave the \documentclass...{article} block uncommented, it
> could still load beamer.el?  After all, if you have a commented out
> \documentclass or \usepackage in your preamble, you might want to uncomment it
> later and its style file could be loaded when the file is visited.
> - If that would create problems, is there a command to tell AUCTeX explicitly 
> to
> re-scan the file and load the style files for document classes or packages it
> finds?  So when I open a file with \documentclass...{article} uncommented, and
> subsequently uncomment \documentclass...{beamer}, then I can tell AUCTeX to 
> load
> beamer.el?

C-c # (bound to TeX-normal-mode (qv) by default) works for me. It's what I do 
after I've added new packages, changed the document class, or made similar 
changes. Maybe you could give that a go?


> - Or is there a reason \usepackage{beamerarticle} doesn't cause beamer.el to 
> be
> loaded?  It seems it should.
> Finally, my preamble also has stuff like
> \mode<presentation>{ %
>   \usepackage{arevmath} %
>   ...
> and
> \mode<article>{%
>   \usepackage{fancyhdr} %
>   ...
> AUCTeX will load all the style files for the packages, regardless of the mode
> they are used in, right?  That seems to be the case.

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