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Re: AUCTeX 12.2 released

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: Re: AUCTeX 12.2 released
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 21:23:48 +0100
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Sivaram Neelakantan <address@hidden> writes:

> On Wed, Oct 30 2019,address@hidden nil wrote:
> [snipped 32 lines]
>> A new method is implemented in preview-latex to adjust the
>> foreground colors of generated images to those of Emacs, when the
>> LaTeX command produces PDF.  The traditional method became invalid
>> because of the change introduced in Ghostscript 9.27.
>> Unfortunately, the new method doesn't work due to a bug in
>> Ghostscript 9.27 and is valid only for Ghostscript > 9.27.  There
>> is also a fallback method for gs 9.27 users which displays plain
>> "black on white" images.  For successful function of preview-latex,
>> the users are encouraged to set up the new user option
>> 'preview-pdf-color-adjust-method' to choose appropriate option
>> among the three: new, traditional and fallback method.
> I have a black background and the default
> preview-pdf-color-adjust-method as t made it practically
> unreadable/unviewable.  Setting it to nil gave the usual default black
> on white that I was used to, which is perfectly fine. "compatible"
> also gave black on white in whatever colour scheme I tried, so not
> sure what exactly I should be looking for.
> In sum, default t is completely unreadable in dark background while
> the other two options work as before.  This was tested with the
> default circ.tex file and sample2e.tex latex file.

I think this is a documented feature[1].

  User Option: preview-pdf-adjust-color-method

    Method to adjust colors of images generated from PDF. It is not
    consulted when the LaTeX command produces DVI files.

    When the option is t (default), preview-latex adjusts the FG and BG
    colors of the generated images by the new method. This method
    requires that Ghostscript has working DELAYBIND feature, thus is
    invalid with gs 9.27 (and possibly < 9.27).

Which GS version are you using?  Can you update to 9.50 and see if that

Best, Arash


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