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Re: Adding to TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes

From: Greg Bognar
Subject: Re: Adding to TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 15:51:51 -0400

> > In my config, I have
> > 
> > (setq TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes
> >         '("\\.aux" "\\.bbl" "\\.bcf" "\\.blg" "\\.brf" "\\.dvi" "\\.ent"
> >           "\\.fdb_latexmk" "\\.fls" "\\.fmt" "\\.fot" "\\.glo" "\\.gls"
> >           "\\.synctex\\.gz" "\\.idx" "\\.ilg" "\\.ind" "\\.lof" "\\.log"
> >           "\\.lot" "\\.nav" "\\.out" "\\.rel" "\\.rip" "\\.snm" "\\.tags"
> >           "\\.toc" "\\.url" "\\.vrb" "\\.run\\.xml"))
> > 
> > I added a number of extra extensions to the default value for files created
> > by RefTeX, Beamer, Synctex, etc.  I want to clean up all these files once
> > I'm done with a document.
> > 
> > However, this does not work.  E.g., it leaves RefTeX's .rel files around.
> > Why is that?  Is it because TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes is
> > defined by a defvar in tex.el, rather than a defcustom?  Shouldn't this be a
> > customizable option in the first place?  If not, what is the proper way to
> > add the extra extensions?
> You should probably customize
> `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes`. `TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes`
> just provides the default value for `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes`, which
> is why it's not a defcustom. (I assume that setting it doesn't have any effect
> because its value is not checked when cleaning out files. The value of
> `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes` is used for that.

Thanks.  I checked `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes` and its original value is

("\\.aux" "\\.bbl" "\\.bcf" "\\.blg" "\\.brf" "\\.dvi" "\\.ent"
 "\\.fdb_latexmk" "\\.fls" "\\.fmt" "\\.fot" "\\.glo" "\\.gls"
 "\\.synctex\\.gz" "\\.idx" "\\.ilg" "\\.ind" "\\.lof" "\\.log" "\\.lot"
 "\\.nav" "\\.out" "\\.rel" "\\.rip" "\\.snm" "\\.tags" "\\.toc" "\\.url"
 "\\.vrb" "\\.run\\.xml" "\\.acn" "\\.acr" "\\.alg" "\\.glg" "\\.ist")

which is my list, appended with ("\\.acn" "\\.acr" "\\.alg" "\\.glg" "\\.ist")
as it should be from latex.el at (defcustom LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes...
at line 6061.

But the actual value is 

("Notes\\.bib" "\\.tdo" "\\.aux" "\\.bbl" "\\.blg" "\\.brf" "\\.fot"
 "\\.glo" "\\.gls" "\\.idx" "\\.ilg" "\\.ind" "\\.lof" "\\.log" "\\.lot"
 "\\.nav" "\\.out" "\\.snm" "\\.toc" "\\.url" "\\.synctex\\.gz" "\\.bcf"
 "\\.run\\.xml" "\\.fls" "-blx\\.bib" "\\.acn" "\\.acr" "\\.alg" "\\.glg"
 "\\.ist" "\\.fdb_latexmk" "\\.aux.bak" "\\.fls")

So it seems `LaTeX-clean-intermediate-suffixes` *does* pick up my setq for 
`TeX-clean-default-intermediate-suffixes`, but then something overrides it.  I
never use any "Notes.bib" file, so I don't think it's something in my config.
Do you have any suggestions what it might be?

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