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Re: cannot get AUCTeX to work

From: Greg Bognar
Subject: Re: cannot get AUCTeX to work
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 2021 17:53:55 +0100

On Sat  9 Jan 2021 at 17:18 Joost Kremers wrote:
> I do:
> ```
> (use-package tex-site
>   :ensure auctex
>   :config ...)
> ```
> Before use-package, before package.el even, `(require 'tex-site)` was the way 
> to
> load AUCTeX, so I kept `tex-site` when I switched to use-package.
> Perhaps it would be a good idea to add an example `use-package` declaration to
> the "Quick Start" section of the manual?

Yes, but what *is* the right way?  For instance, probably because I add to
`LaTeX-mode-hook' in my :init declaration, using `(use-package tex-site' gives
me (among others) the following error:

Error (use-package): tex-site/:catch: Symbol's value as variable is void: 

So in my experience if you want to customize LaTeX-mode, you have to use
`(use-package latex' to make sure latex.el is loaded.  But perhaps I'm doing
it the wrong way.

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