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Re: cannot get AUCTeX to work

From: Gennady Uraltsev
Subject: Re: cannot get AUCTeX to work
Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2021 12:49:04 -0500


This may not be of direct use but I use AucTeX under Windows with emacs27. I use straight for package management and a simple:

(straight-use-package 'auctex)

in the init makes everything work out of the box. The only issue that I had is that I have to define keybindings in a hook that I add as:

(add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook 'auctex-keybindings-h)

Everything else e.g. configuration using setq works well out of the box. I used to use the emacs customize functionality but not any more. I remember it also worked correctly. If anything, to have the configuration options loaded and displayed you should open a .tex file first so that the package loads. 

I do however remember significant issues with use-package and auctex. It may have been my fault but that is one of the reasons I abandoned use package and decided to use straight and do things manually. 



P.S. If you want I can clean up a bit and share a minimal working config. I often do so to prepare a clean emacs when submitting bug reports. Straight.el makes it easy enough

Gennady Uraltsev

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