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Cannot expand string in command on 13.0.3

From: Tak Kunihiro
Subject: Cannot expand string in command on 13.0.3
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 18:29:17 +0900 (JST)

I cannot replace keywords listed in my command in TeX-command-list by
expansion string in TeX-expand-list.  I have problem under 13.0.3 but
no problem under 12.3.1.  I still cannot reproduce the problem started
from emacs -Q.

I found that replace-match on line 568 replaces something that differs
from matched string on line 553.

If you have idea, please let me know.

tex-buf:537: (defun TeX-command-expand (command &optional list)
tex-buf:538:   "Expand COMMAND for `TeX-active-master' as described in LIST.
tex-buf:539: LIST default to `TeX-expand-list'.  As a special exception,
tex-buf:540: `%%' can be used to produce a single `%' sign in the output
tex-buf:541: without further expansion."
tex-buf:542:   (let ((TeX-expand-command command)
tex-buf:543:         TeX-expand-pos
tex-buf:544:         TeX-command-text
tex-buf:545:         TeX-command-pos
tex-buf:546:         pat entry case-fold-search string expansion arguments)
tex-buf:547:     (setq list (cons
tex-buf:548:                 (list "%%" (lambda nil
tex-buf:549:                              (setq TeX-expand-pos (1+ 
tex-buf:550:                              "%"))
tex-buf:551:                 (or list (TeX-expand-list)))
tex-buf:552:           pat (regexp-opt (mapcar #'car list)))
tex-buf:553:     (while (setq TeX-expand-pos (string-match pat 
TeX-expand-command TeX-expand-pos))
tex-buf:554:       (setq string (match-string 0 TeX-expand-command)
tex-buf:555:             entry (assoc string list)
tex-buf:556:             expansion (car (cdr entry)) ;Second element
tex-buf:557:             arguments (cdr (cdr entry)) ;Remaining elements
tex-buf:558:             string (save-match-data
tex-buf:559:                      (cond
tex-buf:560:                       ((functionp expansion)
tex-buf:561:                        (apply expansion arguments))
tex-buf:562:                       ((boundp expansion)
tex-buf:563:                        (apply (symbol-value expansion) arguments))
tex-buf:564:                       (t
tex-buf:565:                        (error "Nonexpansion %s" expansion)))))
tex-buf:566:       (when (stringp string)
tex-buf:567:         (setq TeX-expand-command
tex-buf:568:               (replace-match string t t TeX-expand-command))))
tex-buf:569:     TeX-expand-command))

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