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Re: Why does a `standalone` document set `TeX-PDF-from-DVI`?

From: Maximilian Wuttke
Subject: Re: Why does a `standalone` document set `TeX-PDF-from-DVI`?
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2021 15:03:27 +0100
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On 14/01/2021 07:40, Ikumi Keita wrote:
> I suppose you tried M-x TeX-auto-generate-global on that day. I at last
> understood the origin. In
> /usr/local/texlive/2020/texmf-dist/tex/latex/standalone/standalone.cls
> , there are lines
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> \ifsa@pstricks
>     \RequirePackage{pstricks}
> \fi
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> and this portion makes the generated ~/.emacs.d/auctex/standalone.el
> enable pstricks support.

That makes sense. I probably only ran the command accidentally. After
having a quick look at the code of that command, I think it just
recursively parses all installed style files, in the same way how AUCTeX
can parse the file that the user is editing.

> Maybe AUCTeX document should warn that TeX-auto-generate-global can
> bring on unexpected side effects.

Hm, the documentation seems to be not very explicit about how parsing is
done, other than it "can be somewhat slow". I am not surprised though
that parsing (apparently) doesn't honour case distinctions, as TeX is a
very complicated (even Turing complete AFAIK) language.


>> However, I still have the same behaviour when I open the following
>> file:
>>> \documentclass{article}
>>> \usepackage{pstricks}
>>> \begin{document}
>>> \begin{pspicture}(1,2)
>>> \end{pspicture}
>>> \end{document}
> If "the same behaviour" means that TeX-PDF-from-DVI is set to "Dvips",
> this is intentional. Please see the thread beginning with
> .

Thanks for linking to the thread. In my imagination, I visualised such a
conversation, based on the comment that was left in the code. :) I
didn't know pstricks, and consequently I didn't know that it doesn't
support pdftex.

On 13/01/2021 22:48, Arash Esbati wrote:
> AUCTeX doesn't have a style for standalone package [...]

OK, so should there be a style hook for the standalone package? It turns
out that the following code already runs the style hook for tikz (and
*not* for pstricks), since "tikz" is provided as a class option. (It
also tries to run a style hook for "border=5pt", but there is none).

> \documentclass[tikz,border=5pt]{standalone}
> \begin{document}
> \begin{tikzpicture}
>   \node{test!};
> \end{tikzpicture}
> \end{document}

Thanks to you all

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