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Re: Inserting beamer frames

From: Arash Esbati
Subject: Re: Inserting beamer frames
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2022 19:47:49 +0100
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Hi Greg,

Greg Bognar via General discussion about AUCTeX <> writes:

> Yes, that's what I thought.  Is there a way to, say, copy and modify that
> definition and add it as a new environment?  E.g., calling `myframe' that
> inserts the frame with the customized formatting?

Yes, you could do that, but I suggest to write a function which searches
back in the environment for \frametitle and then deletes any white
spaces/newlines to get the desired result.  You could the add that
function to `LaTeX-after-insert-env-hook' in your init file like this:

(with-eval-after-load "beamer"
  (add-hook 'LaTeX-after-insert-env-hook #'your-function t))

Do you feel comfortable to write a `your-function'?

Best, Arash

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