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Russian UI for Bison produces unreadable output

From: Eugene Starokoltsev
Subject: Russian UI for Bison produces unreadable output
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 18:41:23 +0400

I have tried to use a new Bison (version 1.875) on W2K and was very
unpleasant by the fact that now Bison tries to print error messages and
debug files in Russian instead of English on my machine.

First of all everybody trying to localize Windows console applications
should to know that Windows console uses OEM code page that as usual is
different from ANSI code page used by other Win32 programs. For example,
Russian locale uses code page 1251 for Notepad and 866 for console.
Therefore it is very hard to make console program output readable both in
console and in Notepad. As a result all Bison's Russian output is encoded in
the code page 1251 now. So error messages that are printed in stderr are
unreadable in the console. Particularly a command "bison -h".

While debug output files are readable in Notepad and other Windows editors
it is hard for me to use them too as I'm familiar with English terminology
for Bison much better than with Russian translation of it.

So, is it a way to force Bison to produce English output even on machines
with locale different from English? If no is it possible to add a
command-line switch to force Bison to do that?


P.S. IMHO it is better DO NOT LOCALIZE programming tools. As I know
Microsoft does not localize compilers - that's their policy. I think they
are right in that.

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