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Your Gaming Site

From: David Jackson
Subject: Your Gaming Site
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:02:03 -0600


I recently came across your contact information when I was searching game 
engine sites. The reason I am contacting you is to let you know of my services. 
I don't know if you are currently paying for web hosting services or not but 
let me offer you something competitive if you are.

Zen Interactive is a web hosting company located both in Indiana USA and 
British Columbia Canada. We have been in the hosting business since early 2003. 
We have the experience needed to meet any of your special needs and the will to 
make it happen. We also are more then willing to customize your plans to meet 
your needs at little or not cost at all.

Hosting Plans:

…::|Private Plan|::…
600MB Disk Space
30GB Bandwidth
MySQL databases: 6
Domains Allowed: 5
Sub-Domains: 10
POP3 Mail Addresses: 300

…::|Private + Plan|::…
1000MB Disk Space
60GB Bandwidth
MySQL databases: 11
Domains Allowed: 10
Sub-Domains: 20
POP3 Mail Addresses: 500

…::|Business Plan|::…
1800MB Disk Space
Un-Metered Bandwidth
MySQL databases: 21
Domains Allowed: 20
Sub-Domains: 60
POP3 Mail Addresses: 900

…::|Business + Plan|::…
2600MB Disk Space
Un-Metered Bandwidth
MySQL databases: 41
Domains Allowed: 40
Sub-Domains: 100
POP3 Mail Addresses: 1300

....::|Common Features|::...
Control Panel (Demonstration avaliable at <http://www.zidev.com/?view=login>)
Custom Error Pages
Detailed Site Statistics
FrontPage 2002 Extensions
Server Side Includes
SSL Support
True FTP
Unlimited Email Forwarding
Web-Based FTP
Web-Based Email

If you have any questions or would like to go over other services we offer 
please feel free to contact me directly by replying to this e-mail. You can 
also contact me via our company's message boards or over the phone. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day!

David E. Jackson
Zen Interactive
(800) 301-4303

Zen Interactive
Private & Business Hosting Plans

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