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bison 2.5 on sparc solaris 10

From: sysadm
Subject: bison 2.5 on sparc solaris 10
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 16:30:32 +0200
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Please find the test results below and the configuration trace in the
The C-compiler is:

ssol10% cc -V
cc: Sun C 5.11 SunOS_sparc 2010/08/13
usage: cc [ options ] files.  Use 'cc -flags' for details

## ------------------------- ##
## GNU Bison 2.5 test suite. ##
## ------------------------- ##

Input Processing.

  1: Invalid $n and @n                               ok
  2: Type Clashes                                    ok
  3: Unused values                                   ok
  4: Unused values before symbol declarations        ok
  5: Default %printer and %destructor redeclared     ok
  6: Per-type %printer and %destructor redeclared    ok
  7: Unused values with default %destructor          ok
  8: Unused values with per-type %destructor         ok
  9: Incompatible Aliases                            ok
 10: Torturing the Scanner                           ok
 11: Typed symbol aliases                            ok
 12: Require 1.0                                     ok
 13: Require 2.5                                     ok
 14: Require 100.0                                   ok
 15: String aliases for character tokens             ok
 16: Symbols                                         ok
 17: Numbered tokens                                 ok
 18: Unclosed constructs                             ok
 19: %start after first rule                         ok
 20: %prec takes a token                             ok
 21: %prec's token must be defined                   ok
 22: Reject unused %code qualifiers                  ok
 23: %define errors                                  ok
 24: %define, --define, --force-define               ok
 25: %define Boolean variables                       ok
 26: %define enum variables                          ok
 27: %define backward compatibility                  ok
 28: Unused %define api.pure                         ok
 29: C++ namespace reference errors                  ok
 30: Bad character literals                          ok
 31: Bad escapes in literals                         ok
 32: LAC: Errors for %define                         ok
 33: -Werror is not affected by -Wnone and -Wall     ok

Named references tests.

 34: Tutorial calculator                             ok
 35: Undefined and ambiguous references              ok
 36: Misleading references                           ok
 37: Many kinds of errors                            ok
 38: Missing identifiers in brackets                 ok
 39: Redundant words in brackets                     ok
 40: Comments in brackets                            ok
 41: Stray symbols in brackets                       ok
 42: Redundant words in LHS brackets                 ok
 43: Factored LHS                                    ok
 44: Unresolved references                           ok
 45: $ or @ followed by . or -                       ok

Output file names.

 46: Output files:  -dv                              ok
 47: Output files:  -dv >&-                          ok
 48: Output files:  -dv -o foo.c                     ok
 49: Output files:  -dv -o foo.tab.c                 ok
 50: Output files:  -dv -y                           ok
 51: Output files:  -dv -b bar                       ok
 52: Output files:  -dv -g -o foo.c                  ok
 53: Output files: %defines %verbose                 ok
 54: Output files: %defines %verbose %yacc           ok
 55: Output files: %defines %verbose %yacc           ok
 56: Output files: %file-prefix "bar" %defines %verbose   ok
 57: Output files: %output="bar.c" %defines %verbose %yacc   ok
 58: Output files: %file-prefix="baz" %output "bar.c" %defines %verbose
%yacc   ok
 59: Output files: %defines %verbose                 ok
 60: Output files: %defines %verbose  -o foo.c       ok
 61: Output files:  --defines=foo.hpp -o foo.c++     ok
 62: Output files: %defines "foo.hpp" -o foo.c++     ok
 63: Output files:  -o foo.c++ --graph=foo.gph       ok
 64: Output files: %skeleton "lalr1.cc" %defines %verbose   ok
 65: Output files: %skeleton "lalr1.cc" %defines %verbose   ok
 66: Output files: %skeleton "lalr1.cc" %defines %verbose -o
subdir/foo.cc  ok
 67: Output files: %skeleton "lalr1.cc" %defines %verbose %file-prefix
"output_dir/foo"   ok
 68: Conflicting output files:  --graph="foo.tab.c"  ok
 69: Conflicting output files: %defines "foo.output" -v ok
 70: Conflicting output files: %skeleton "lalr1.cc" %defines
--graph="location.hh" ok
 71: Conflicting output files:  -o foo.y             ok
 72: Output file name: address@hidden&*()-=_+{}[]|\:;<>, .' skipped
 73: Output file name: (                             skipped (output.at:224)
 74: Output file name: )                             skipped (output.at:225)
 75: Output file name: #                             skipped (output.at:226)
 76: Output file name: @@                            skipped (output.at:227)
 77: Output file name: @{                            skipped (output.at:228)
 78: Output file name: @}                            skipped (output.at:229)
 79: Output file name: [                             skipped (output.at:230)
 80: Output file name: ]                             skipped (output.at:231)

Skeleton Support.

 81: Relative skeleton file names                    ok
 82: Installed skeleton file names                   ok
 83: %define Boolean variables: invalid skeleton defaults ok
 84: Complaining during macro argument expansion     ok
 85: Fatal errors make M4 exit immediately           ok
 86: Fatal errors but M4 continues producing output  ok

Grammar Sets (Firsts etc.).

 87: Nullable                                        ok
 88: Broken Closure                                  ok
 89: Firsts                                          ok
 90: Accept                                          ok

Grammar Reduction.

 91: Useless Terminals                               ok
 92: Useless Nonterminals                            ok
 93: Useless Rules                                   ok
 94: Reduced Automaton                               ok
 95: Underivable Rules                               ok
 96: Empty Language                                  ok
 97: no %define lr.type: Single State Split          ok
 98: %define lr.type lalr: Single State Split        ok
 99: %define lr.type ielr: Single State Split        ok
100: %define lr.type canonical-lr: Single State Split ok
101: no %define lr.type: Lane Split                  ok
102: %define lr.type lalr: Lane Split                ok
103: %define lr.type ielr: Lane Split                ok
104: %define lr.type canonical-lr: Lane Split        ok
105: no %define lr.type: Complex Lane Split          ok
106: %define lr.type lalr: Complex Lane Split        ok
107: %define lr.type ielr: Complex Lane Split        ok
108: %define lr.type canonical-lr: Complex Lane Split ok
109: no %define lr.type: Split During Added Lookahead Propagation ok
110: %define lr.type lalr: Split During Added Lookahead Propagation ok
111: %define lr.type ielr: Split During Added Lookahead Propagation ok
112: %define lr.type canonical-lr: Split During Added Lookahead
Propagation ok
113: no %define lr.default-reductions                ok
114: %define lr.default-reductions most              ok
115: %define lr.default-reductions consistent        ok
116: %define lr.default-reductions accepting         ok

User Actions.

117: Prologue synch line                             skipped
118: %union synch line                               skipped
119: Postprologue synch line                         skipped
120: Action synch line                               skipped
121: Epilogue synch line                             skipped

Parser Headers.

122: %union and --defines                            ok
123: Invalid CPP guards: input/input                 ok
124: Invalid CPP guards: 9foo                        ok
125: export YYLTYPE                                  ok

User Actions.

126: Mid-rule actions                                ok
127: Exotic Dollars                                  ok
128: Printers and Destructors :                      ok
129: Printers and Destructors with union:            ok
130: Printers and Destructors : %defines %skeleton "lalr1.cc" skipped
131: Printers and Destructors with union: %defines %skeleton "lalr1.cc"
skipped (actions.at:620)
132: Printers and Destructors : %glr-parser          ok
133: Printers and Destructors with union: %glr-parser ok
134: Default tagless %printer and %destructor        ok
135: Default tagged and per-type %printer and %destructor ok
136: Default %printer and %destructor for user-defined end token ok
137: Default %printer and %destructor are not for error or $undefined ok
138: Default %printer and %destructor are not for $accept ok
139: Default %printer and %destructor for mid-rule values ok
140: @$ in %initial-action implies %locations        ok
141: @$ in %destructor implies %locations            ok
142: @$ in %printer implies %locations               ok
143: Fix user actions without a trailing semicolon   ok
144: Destroying lookahead assigned by semantic action ok


145: S/R in initial                                  ok
146: %nonassoc and eof                               ok
147: %error-verbose and consistent errors            skipped
148: LAC: %nonassoc requires splitting canonical LR states ok
149: Unresolved SR Conflicts                         ok
150: Resolved SR Conflicts                           ok
151: Defaulted Conflicted Reduction                  ok
152: %expect not enough                              ok
153: %expect right                                   ok
154: %expect too much                                ok
155: %expect with reduce conflicts                   ok
156: %prec with user string                          ok
157: %no-default-prec without %prec                  ok
158: %no-default-prec with %prec                     ok
159: %default-prec                                   ok
160: Unreachable States After Conflict Resolution    ok
161: Solved conflicts report for multiple reductions in a state ok
162: %nonassoc error actions for multiple reductions in a state ok
163: -W versus %expect and %expect-rr                ok

Simple LALR(1) Calculator.

164: Calculator                                      ok
165: Calculator %defines                             ok
166: Calculator %locations                           ok
167: Calculator %name-prefix="calc"                  ok
168: Calculator %verbose                             ok
169: Calculator %yacc                                ok
170: Calculator %error-verbose                       ok
171: Calculator %define api.pure %locations          ok
172: Calculator %define api.push-pull both %define api.pure %locations ok
173: Calculator %error-verbose %locations            ok
174: Calculator %error-verbose %locations %defines %name-prefix "calc"
%verbose %yacc ok
175: Calculator %debug                               ok
176: Calculator %error-verbose %debug %locations %defines %name-prefix
"calc" %verbose %yacc ok
177: Calculator %define api.pure %error-verbose %debug %locations
%defines %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc ok
178: Calculator %define api.push-pull both %define api.pure
%error-verbose %debug %locations %defines %name-prefix "calc" %verbose
%yacc ok
179: Calculator %define api.pure %error-verbose %debug %locations
%defines %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc %parse-param {semantic_value
*result} %parse-param {int *count} ok

Simple GLR Calculator.

180: Calculator %glr-parser                          ok
181: Calculator %glr-parser %defines                 ok
182: Calculator %glr-parser %locations               ok
183: Calculator %glr-parser %name-prefix "calc"      ok
184: Calculator %glr-parser %verbose                 ok
185: Calculator %glr-parser %yacc                    ok
186: Calculator %glr-parser %error-verbose           ok
187: Calculator %glr-parser %define api.pure %locations ok
188: Calculator %glr-parser %error-verbose %locations ok
189: Calculator %glr-parser %error-verbose %locations %defines
%name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc ok
190: Calculator %glr-parser %debug                   ok
191: Calculator %glr-parser %error-verbose %debug %locations %defines
%name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc ok
192: Calculator %glr-parser %define api.pure %error-verbose %debug
%locations %defines %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc ok
193: Calculator %glr-parser %define api.pure %error-verbose %debug
%locations %defines %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc %parse-param
{semantic_value *result} %parse-param {int *count} ok

Simple LALR(1) C++ Calculator.

194: Calculator %skeleton "lalr1.cc" %defines %locations skipped
195: Calculator %language "C++" %defines %locations  skipped (calc.at:687)
196: Calculator %language "C++" %defines %locations %define
location_type Span skipped (calc.at:688)
197: Calculator %language "C++" %defines %locations %error-verbose
%name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc skipped (calc.at:689)
198: Calculator %language "C++" %defines %locations %error-verbose
%debug %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc skipped (calc.at:690)
199: Calculator %language "C++" %defines %locations %pure-parser
%error-verbose %debug %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc skipped
200: Calculator %language "C++" %defines %locations %pure-parser
%error-verbose %debug %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc %parse-param
{semantic_value *result} %parse-param {int *count} skipped (calc.at:694)

Simple GLR C++ Calculator.

201: Calculator %skeleton "glr.cc" %defines %locations skipped (calc.at:705)
202: Calculator %language "C++" %glr-parser %defines %locations  skipped
203: Calculator %language "C++" %glr-parser %defines %locations %define
location_type Span skipped (calc.at:715)
204: Calculator %language "C++" %glr-parser %defines %locations
%error-verbose %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc skipped (calc.at:716)
205: Calculator %language "C++" %glr-parser %defines %locations %debug
skipped (calc.at:718)
206: Calculator %language "C++" %glr-parser %defines %locations
%error-verbose %debug %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc skipped
207: Calculator %language "C++" %glr-parser %defines %locations
%pure-parser %error-verbose %debug %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc
skipped (calc.at:721)
208: Calculator %language "C++" %glr-parser %defines %locations
%pure-parser %error-verbose %debug %name-prefix "calc" %verbose %yacc
%parse-param {semantic_value *result} %parse-param {int *count} skipped

Torture Tests.

209: Big triangle                                    ok
210: Big horizontal                                  ok
211: Many lookahead tokens                           ok
212: Exploding the Stack Size with Alloca            ok
213: Exploding the Stack Size with Malloc            ok

Existing Grammars.

214: GNU AWK 3.1.0 Grammar: LALR(1)                  ok
215: GNU AWK 3.1.0 Grammar: IELR(1)                  ok
216: GNU AWK 3.1.0 Grammar: Canonical LR(1)          ok
217: GNU Cim Grammar: LALR(1)                        FAILED
218: GNU Cim Grammar: IELR(1)                        FAILED
219: GNU Cim Grammar: Canonical LR(1)                FAILED
220: GNU pic (Groff 1.18.1) Grammar: LALR(1)         FAILED
221: GNU pic (Groff 1.18.1) Grammar: IELR(1)         FAILED
222: GNU pic (Groff 1.18.1) Grammar: Canonical LR(1) FAILED

Regression tests.

223: Trivial grammars                                ok
224: YYSTYPE typedef                                 ok
225: Early token definitions with --yacc             ok
226: Early token definitions without --yacc          ok
227: Braces parsing                                  ok
228: Duplicate string                                ok
229: Rule Line Numbers                               ok
230: Mixing %token styles                            ok
231: Invalid inputs                                  ok
232: Invalid inputs with {}                          ok
233: Token definitions                               ok
234: Characters Escapes                              ok
235: Web2c Report                                    ok
236: Web2c Actions                                   ok
237: Dancer                                          ok
238: Dancer %glr-parser                              ok
239: Dancer %skeleton "lalr1.cc"                     skipped
240: Expecting two tokens                            ok
241: Expecting two tokens %glr-parser                ok
242: Expecting two tokens %skeleton "lalr1.cc"       skipped
243: Braced code in declaration in rules section     ok
244: String alias declared after use                 ok
245: Extra lookahead sets in report                  ok
246: Token number in precedence declaration          ok
247: parse-gram.y: LALR = IELR                       FAILED
248: %error-verbose and YYSTACK_USE_ALLOCA           ok
249: %error-verbose overflow                         ok
250: LAC: Exploratory stack                          ok
251: LAC: Memory exhaustion                          ok

C++ Features.

252: Doxygen Public Documentation                    skipped (c++.at:102)
253: Doxygen Private Documentation                   skipped (c++.at:103)
254: Relative namespace references                   skipped (c++.at:162)
255: Absolute namespace references                   skipped (c++.at:168)
256: Syntactically invalid namespace references      ok

Java Calculator.

257: Calculator                                      ok
258: Calculator %error-verbose                       ok
259: Calculator %locations                           ok
260: Calculator %error-verbose %locations            ok
261: Calculator %lex-param { InputStream is }        ok
262: Calculator %error-verbose %lex-param { InputStream is }  ok
263: Calculator %locations %lex-param { InputStream is }  ok
264: Calculator %error-verbose %locations %lex-param { InputStream is }  ok

Java Parameters.

265: Java parser class and package names             ok
266: Java parser class modifiers                     ok
267: Java parser class extends and implements        ok
268: Java %parse-param and %lex-param                ok
269: Java throws specifications                      ok
270: Java stype, position_class and location_class   ok

C++ Type Syntax (GLR).

271: GLR: Resolve ambiguity, impure, no locations    ok
272: GLR: Resolve ambiguity, impure, locations       ok
273: GLR: Resolve ambiguity, pure, no locations      ok
274: GLR: Resolve ambiguity, pure, locations         ok
275: GLR: Merge conflicting parses, impure, no locations ok
276: GLR: Merge conflicting parses, impure, locations ok
277: GLR: Merge conflicting parses, pure, no locations ok
278: GLR: Merge conflicting parses, pure, locations  ok
279: GLR: Verbose messages, resolve ambiguity, impure, no locations ok

GLR Regression Tests

280: Badly Collapsed GLR States                      ok
281: Improper handling of embedded actions and dollar(-N) in GLR parsers ok
282: Improper merging of GLR delayed action sets     ok
283: Duplicate representation of merged trees        ok
284: User destructor for unresolved GLR semantic value ok
285: User destructor after an error during a split parse ok
286: Duplicated user destructor for lookahead        ok
287: Incorrectly initialized location for empty right-hand side in GLR ok
288: No users destructors if stack 0 deleted         ok
289: Corrupted semantic options if user action cuts parse ok
290: Undesirable destructors if user action cuts parse ok
291: Leaked semantic values if user action cuts parse ok
292: Incorrect lookahead during deterministic GLR    ok
293: Incorrect lookahead during nondeterministic GLR ok
294: Leaked semantic values when reporting ambiguity ok
295: Leaked lookahead after nondeterministic parse syntax error ok
296: Uninitialized location when reporting ambiguity ok
297: Missed %merge type warnings when LHS type is declared later ok

Push Parsing Tests

298: Memory Leak for Early Deletion                  ok
299: Multiple impure instances                       ok
300: Unsupported Skeletons                           ok

## ------------- ##
## Test results. ##
## ------------- ##

ERROR: 262 tests were run,
7 failed unexpectedly.
38 tests were skipped.
## -------------------------- ##
## testsuite.log was created. ##
## -------------------------- ##

Please send `tests/testsuite.log' and all information you think might help:

   To: <address@hidden>
   Subject: [GNU Bison 2.5] testsuite: 217 218 219 220 221 222 247 failed

You may investigate any problem if you feel able to do so, in which
case the test suite provides a good starting point.  Its output may
be found below `tests/testsuite.dir'.

make[3]: *** [check-local] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/archive/sparc-solaris/bison-2.5/tests'
make[2]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/archive/sparc-solaris/bison-2.5/tests'
make[1]: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/archive/sparc-solaris/bison-2.5'
make: *** [check] Error 2

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