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Re: ylwrap does not rename y.tab.h in y.tab.c

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: ylwrap does not rename y.tab.h in y.tab.c
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 16:27:34 +0200

Hi all,

Le 25 juin 2012 à 11:30, Stefano Lattarini a écrit :

>> Well, I guess I must step back.  I installed what follows
>> in maint.
> Sigh, advancement on Bison kept back by the fact that Automake used to
> bend over backwards to support inferior yacc implementation that today
> hardly anybody is using to build an autoconfiscated package.  It's now
> definitely time to implement a 'no-ylwrap' option that prevents the use
> of 'ylwrap'.  IMHO this option should go in Automake 1.12.2, become the
> default in Automake 1.13, and the only supported mode of operation in
> Automake 1.14 (unless real users object).

But in any case, ylwrap must also be fixed, if people still
want to stick to it.  And, BTW, glr parsers, C++ parsers
etc. are broken by ylwrap currently as they all use a
header and depend upon it.

A future version of bison will use it too for plain parsers.
People stuck with an old Automake can make a "y.tab.h" file
that just #includes "the-right-header.h" to work around the

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