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suggestion: option to emit bison '--print-datadir' as absolute path (on

From: Jannick
Subject: suggestion: option to emit bison '--print-datadir' as absolute path (on Windows)
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2018 22:35:41 +0100

Hi Akim,

Suggestion: for Windows users it would be great if there were an _option_
that the path to 'bison --print-datadir' be emitted as an absolute path
(forward slashes would be best I believe).  

This would tremendously help Windows users directly call bison's data
dependencies in a dos shell without having the pleasure to fiddle around
with the path components to come up with the absolute path.

NOTE:  Some Windows users use bison in a linux-like environment (e.g.,
cygwin, msys2) where linux-like paths (e.g., '/usr/bin')  should still be
provided as there are now.  This is why I suggested an additional option (on
Windows). linux-like environments on Windows I know are well trained to
understand absolute paths with forward slashes. 


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