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re: My last message: Suggested Fix/Change

From: Jot Dot
Subject: re: My last message: Suggested Fix/Change
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2020 09:26:56 -0700 (MST)

I took some time to narrow down the issue I mentioned and found:

The c version detects and reports the incorrect use of:
%define api.token.constructor
The c++ version does not report this error. (it actually
fails silently, leaving a couple of temp files around).


%language "c++"   // Try with and without this line
%define api.token.constructor
%start s
s:      'x' | 'x';

Yes, the above is a silly example.

My point is without that error message, there is no visual difference
in the output between success or failure (for the c++ version).

To borrow a phrase: "a bee expecting the window to magically vanish at some 
Well, that's what happened to me. Using Microsoft Visual Studio and a
recommended plug-in, when I launch Bison, the build report shows 0 errors.
There is an unexpected error return code of 1 and the build fails.
So, armed with countless of previous cycles of "it always worked as expected",
I began to chase the wind :)


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